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FERNANDO GARCIA, GRI | 202.907.8907 | fernando@metronando.com

“From the many years I spent as a financial planner, I completely understand the value of homeownership to my clients’ financial health. Buying or selling, real-estate transactions are the usually monumental events in terms of personal wealth. It’s not an arena you want to enter without a strong ally who has your best interests at heart.

“In a nutshell, that’s what I bring: a complete grasp of the importance of real estate, and a genuine affinity for my clients. I look out for my clients because I care about them.”

We both really liked him right away. We knew right after the first meeting that we wanted to work with him. He’s personable, really easy to talk to. He answered all our questions with lots of patience. He was really good at walking us through the process.
— L.W.O., Capitol Hill buyer and seller

Having worked locally as a Senior Financial Specialist for years at First Union National Bank, Fernando combined his easy grasp of figures with his easy love of people. That combination obviously translates wonderfully to the world of real estate — perhaps even more so, as he gets to share in his clients’ joy as they walk into their dream homes or realize a profit in a tough market.

While Fernando’s experience and natural abilities make him one of metropolitan Washington’s most personable and talented agents, his professionalism ensures that his clients can count not only on his real-estate acumen and friendly disposition, but also on a Realtor who respects his clients’ time, wishes and needs.

“I don’t ask you for your respect — just for a chance to earn it.”




Will O’Bryan | 202.352.8496 | will@metronando.com

After roughly two decades in journalism, Will O’Bryan transitioned to real estate, joining his husband’s enterprise, MetroNando, as operations manager. Having worked though unprecedented change in mass media, taking him from straightforward print publications to a contemporary world of social media, web analytics, etc., Will now applies those skills to marketing, communications, and administration in real estate. While his sector has changed, what remains constant is Will’s dedication to quality and his respect for everyone he encounters. To provide optimal support to MetroNando, Will is licensed in DC, Maryland, and Virginia.

“I’m often asked if I miss journalism – the stories, the human interaction, the dynamism. Honestly, no. I don’t miss having a byline, and all the rest remains. Helping others with what is usually one of the most important transactions of their lives is immensely gratifying.”


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